Stress Cannot Be "Treated" By Doctors, But It Can Be Overcome By YOU

I was browsing recent health news to see what sort of weird sickness the kids are passing around the schools lately, when I came across a headline about a national mental health survey that included some feedback from a handful of Seattlites who reported their physical health to be top notch, while reporting that their mental health was bottom barrel because of one big nasty culprit - STRESS.

It's a nasty word, I know it, you know it, let's get over it.

Stress is a natural and often times healthy part of our lives until we get so wrapped up in it that we developed self defeating habits and patterns that cause our lives to fall apart. Though even when you find yourself on the edge of your reality, you can always come back and you can always get rid of the negative stress. Though the only way you can do that is if you know you have that ability, which many people simply are not aware of.

And sadly, allopathic medicine long ago forgot what it was like to train doctors with enough patience and compassion to actually sit and get to know their patients and do things like, I don't know... TALK about more than just blood draws, pee filled cups and test results.

And it certainly doesn't look like the world of physical medicine is going to include our source energy or our minds in their health practices any time soon. Eventually, I'm sure they will get the hang of it, but until then, what are stressed out Seattle urbanites and their fellow Americans supposed to do? If you can't talk to your doctor about your stress, who the hell can you talk to?

I know I'm biased, though there is no reason not to consider a coach. An option which results in many amazing benefits such as:

- Not having someone who constantly tries to diagnose you with an illness, disorder or some other label that suggests there's something wrong with you.

- Learning about stress management, stress triggers and stress-busting NLP anchors, which can help you set up an infinitely reoccurring cycle of joy in your life. And you can trust me when I say that is much more pleasurable than stress.

- Having a non-judgmental someone available who you trust and who will not shy away from your questions about stress in your life.

And I can tell you from my own experiences with be coached, that stress is not a condition and does not require a cure. In fact, the fact that you are stressed out or have been majorly stressed out lately, shows just how perfectly human you actually are.

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Enrich a Young Boy's Life

If you've ever felt the urge to give back to the world in a way that truly matters, now is the time to do it - check out the courageous campaign that has been put together to help change a young 9 year old Congo boys life forever. 

Badibanga Yusef was horribly injured in an accident when he was younger, that left him scarred for life and his playmate dead. Badibanga is now struggling to live as normal a life as he can without one arm and while carrying terrible scars on his face. Inside, Badibanga is an amazing 9 year old, like any other and he dreams more than anything of being "normal", something many of us take for granted.

Help him now, by contributing to his campaign like I have, so that he can get the last of his final surgeries that will empower him to take on life with a new passion.

Badibanga's Campaign: Learning to Smile

The Inspiration of Youth

As if I were reading into the middle of a thrilling drama book, I found myself in contact with a group of young adults from the big apple itself - New York City, with big dreams and the passion to see that they come true.

The story of how I meet them and came to write this blog, isn't nearly as fascinating as the true epoch that these kids are getting ready to embark - even Homer would have some serious work to do to keep up with all the obstacles, challenges and battles that these four film school grads are up against.

You should really see it for yourself, as they have done a fantastic job of creating and promoting their crowdfunding ccampaign on indiegog, which I am very proud of them for doing well before they met me and my masterminding ways.

Now that they have met me, I fully intend on doing whatever I can to find a mutually beneficial way for you to help them journey across the globe and find their places in this world.

Check out the campaign here: Sanskrit the Documentary You won't be sorry you do it!