Give Yourself Permission & the Universe will Yield to YOU

Give yourself permission to do those things you've been wanting to do for no other reason then because you've been wanting to.

Your desire to do something just for the joy of experiencing it, is MORE THAN ENOUGH reason to do it.

Be not concerned with the feelings or beliefs of others, nor with whether you've 'worked' 'hard enough' or learned enough things or gained enough experience to have 'earned' the 'right' to allow yourself to feel worthy of doing anything you want just because you want to.

Yes, in the process of following your bliss, you might be faced with some new contrast or things that seem like obstacles, but since you're going to experience contrast and obstacles no matter what you do, you might as well pick which outcomes you want to have by the end of that contrast, rather than leaving it up to the fickle whims of our human moralism based on our misunderstood and abused abilities to observe the past and predict the future.

Worry not about anything you can't control, like how anyone else feels about what brings you joy.

Cause it it brings you joy, then it's in alignment with your highest good, and anything that matches your highest good is good for us all; even when we protest in opposition to that. The proof is in the pudding. From Magellan to Oprah; when you follow your bliss, you won't please everyone, but you'll please yourself, and the will please the right ppl who will hold you up for your courage and prove you made the best choice ever.

No one else matters.

And because they don't matter, they've got no power over your path or your choices or your happiness.

And because that's all up to you, it will only be in you if in your final days, you look back and find yourself wishing you'd not been so concerned with being a pleaser of others, and had been more concerned with being a pleaser of yourself.

Follow your joy.

It might not always be easy, but it will ALWAYS be WORTH it because YOU are always WORTHY of doing whatever makes you feel HAPPY.

Do this, and you will immediately find yourself delighted with everything that opens up before you as the universe rejoices in the opportunity to yield to your joy 😊

One Tip to Make All Your Relationships Better

One of the biggest flaws we have learned in our human experiences, is to get stuck in observing the what is missing side of 'what is', that we prevent ourselves from seeing the reality of what really is.

That statement might seem a bit confusing on it's own, so let's ellaborate a little.. or try anyways 😜

Let's start with some common examples, which I'm sure will supplement well enough for your own experiences with your current significant other.

Think about the times when your partner comes into your presence, and they are unhappy about something. What do you think about, and what's your first inclination to do in response to their unhappiness?

Do you try to cheer them up?

Do you try to resolve their problems or make them feel better?

Do you get upset with them for complaining?

Do you join them in their misery and start venting about your own sour grapes?

What about when your partner is upset. What do you do when they come to you and are upset with you over something they believe you intentionally did to hurt them?

Do you immediately shrink and apologize?

Do you respond to their anger with your own anger and start fighting?

Do you allow them to railroad you with their anger and quietly seeth about how you hope their plans that evening will be ruined by some act of source?

2 Things We Need to be Teaching Every Child BEFORE they "Grow Up"

I was talking with my youngest son just the other day, and he reminded me of something very important.

I had been in my office working, and he had been outside riding his bike.

I came out of my office to go to my car and grab a beverage I'd left in there earlier. He rode over to the car and asked me where I was going, and if I was going to the horse rescue I'd been going to during the week. I told him I wasn't that day, but was the next day, when I'd planned on taking him with me.

He responded a little disappointedly, and then in less than 10 seconds had regained his excitement and told me that we could go somewhere else today, and that he'd like that.

My initial response was to remind him that I didn't have any money to take him anywhere, and that I had to keep working in order to get more money, so that we could go places on other days. Though I stopped myself from uttering those words this time, as it dawned on me what I was doing to him in saying words like that.

So instead of teaching him to focus on the 'what is not', I walked up to him and asked him if I could tell him a secret, which he always loves, because I usually only say that when I have something fun to tell him. He nodded yes and I bent down and told him,

"I'm going to tell you this secret, but you have to promise only to share it with other kids around your age. Okay?"

Why toxic people come into our lives...

Complainers, victims & venters are attracted to others generating the SAME vibrations they are. They feel compelled to seek out others who will allow them to stay within those destructive vibrations for as long as they can manage to until they are forced out of their bad mood by chance happenstances that rarely arrive. 

So if you've attracted into your life a friend, partner, lover or whatever; who complains or vents a lot, it's not their issues you should be concerned with. 

Simple OBSERVATION is all that's required to see this is true. 

Just observe what happens most often when these individuals come to you. 

And when they come, just allow them to start any conversations or interactions in whatever ways come naturally to them.

However they feel naturally inclinded to interact with you, is an indication of where you are in your own vibrations.

If, without your input, they seem to talk about many lovely things, then that's the vibration you are in also. And if this is the case, you really are silly for thinking to read thispost right now 😆

Alternatively, if when they come to you, they most often is complain, vent, or spin other yarns of victimhood; it becomes very clear that YOU have a problem.

You are vibrating in alignment with the same energies you're attracting. Vibrations which are controlled by the thought-stories you're allowing to swirl around in your head. When you allow those swirling stories to narrate your victimhood, dis ease, dis comfort, or lack; the same energy is vibrated right back at you in the form of other people who can sense and are naturally attracted to you disaligment.

It's a simple equation really:

When you're feeling like a victim, you attract others who feel like victims.

When you're feeling like other people or circumstances are horrible and unfair, you attract people to you who are horrible and unfair, and think everyone else is horrible and unfair; including you.

When you allow yourself to give in to your trained habit of feeling obligated to be a "good listener" to anyone 'in need', you'll feel like you're being stepped on by ppl who can't ever seem to stop complaining about feeling stepped on, while they're in the process of walking right over you.

Sometimes these thought-stories can get so much momentum going, that you start feeling like you're not even getting enough freedom to really feel like the unpowerful victim you know you are 😘

I'm sure you get it.

You get what you give, receive only what you allow & experience only that which you practice most often.

Why do we experience stress, pain, and strife?

Contrast, in form like stress, pain, strife, and other forms of dis function, is not an accident of the universe that just happens to you or to 'the unfortunate'. 

It's a very specific process designed by the cosmos with delicate precision, to perform a very important function: showing you what you don't want, so you learn to understand what you DO want.

You can't manifest what you truly desire until you know what you do want, and how to redirect your focus to it every time you see more things you don't want.

Problem is, you often get stuck in the first step: seeing and thinking about what you don't want.

And when you stay there, you manifest more if what you don't want.

You are THAT powerful.

You manifest everything you think about. You call it with your own vibration.

If that vibration is "I don't want this, I don't like this, I don't have what I want, I can't have what I want, I'm broken.", the universe brings you more of that contrast because the universe knows you are a deliberate creator, and it doesn't question what you ask for. It just brings you all the vibrational matches to your thoughts.

This is why success in any form, will not drop into anyone's lap regardless of their vibration.
You have to be a genuine place of allowing in order to get into a place of receiving, where things do seem to just drop into our laps, because that's the only time you're sending out the signl to the universe that that is what you really want.

And once you get into that place, just as with the manifestation which confirm situations which match your negative thoughts when you have them, the universe will conspire to bring you what you're giving it: JOY.