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3 Hours...

I'm sure I'm not alone in experiencing those times in a relationship, where no matter what you do you just can't seem to get it right, and regardless of your optimistic presents an unconditional love, it just seems like it's time for a relationship fight.

You know what I'm talking about.  That's those times when your partner just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, and there is nothing you can do or song you can sing, to bring them out of that mood until after you've had at least a small confrontation.

Personally, I believe this is just part of the healthy nature of any strong relationship.  That sometimes we just need a little variety, and often times a relationship is the first place we seek to find it.  Though it for the most part you relationship to his based from mutual respect and positive perspectives, than when it comes time that you are your partner have reached your limit for certainty, that little "10%" that I've talked about in previous posts, is going to be the days when it's just under fight.

Now I'm not suggesting that you should actually type of your partner, at least not that you should get all aggressive and pull ucture big red clown gloves.  Instead, I suggest you follow a tactic that I found to be quite effective to get through the turmoil tornado that your spouse or significant other seems to be going through.

I call it, " 3 hours."

Sabotage By Loving Intentions - Has this ever happened to You?

Have you ever experienced a time in your life, when you were just so thrilled and excited about an idea you had, a business you wanted to start or even a special someone with him you wanted to join in a romantic partnership, but your dreams were suddenly dashed by the loving intentions of someone who cared for you?

Big Enough to Fall Apart - Does Jamie Dimon need a Strategy Coach?

I was recently reading through the business news section, when I realized that there is a ton of bad PR going on about JP Morgan Bank. Now, while I am no fan of the actions taken by the massive monopoly bank in recent decades, I'm also not the type of person to look at anything and assume that mistakes were actually nefarious actions taken to be purposefully negative.

If I'm going to make any judgements without really knowing someone or the situation of their business, my first judgement is always going to be that all people make decisions from a place of good and loving intentions, even if it doesn't appear that way to everyone else. That being said, the mistakes being made by Jamie Dimon and his staff (of all levels) are great examples of how even the worlds most successful people can stumble when doubt creeps upon them.

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Has Facebook Become the Anti-Social Network?

In the last few months the famed social network Facebook has cracked down on socialites everywhere. From business owners who want to network, to people who just like to know people all around the world - people are complaining all over about the Facebook Friend Request Bans going on.

If you've just found yourself banned for the first time, which should be for 4 days, then you're probably confused and a little pissed - which is understandable most of your friends requests were to old high school friends or just to some new people in a facebook group you connected with.

Even worse still, is when facebook suggests friends FOR YOU, whom you've never met, and then they BAN you for accepting that invitation. Why send friend suggestions then? Has the facebook server been hijacked by some anti-social Zuckerburg alter-ego or is this just a cruel experiment?

Not my favorite part... but somebody has to do it!

There comes a time in all of our lives when we've become familiar with using negative emotional patterns to get through life. Most of the time this happens subconsciously through neuro-associative conditioning, and it's rare when I'll work with a client who can truly pinpoint where it was that the conditioning took place. And usually, it's more than one event anyways. There's the trigger event and then multiple subsequent events that took place to reinforce those negative patterns.

And it is usually these negative patterns that lead us away from setting potent goals and bring us down into our worst emotional cycles of depression, anger and disappointment. Once you've achieved that state in your life, where every action seems pointless because no matter what you do, you find yourself confronted with more and more PAIN, it becomes increasingly difficult to see that a life full of PLEASURE is only a simple change away. It becomes excessively unclear that you have everything inside you that you need to change your own condition and thus, the condition of your current circumstances.

I've been there as well, and I understand exactly what happens, not just from a coaches point of view, but from personal experience. Though my personal experiences will not ever be as challenging as my experiences in coaching those whom have found themselves repeating those negative cycles.

It's more challenge mostly because I don't like to see those I care about suffer. That's why I became a coach, to help people alleviate their pain and suffering as much as they will allow themselves to do so. It sucks to watch someone spiral down and down and to realize that as their friend and coach, there is only one thing left to do - AGREE WITH THEM.

Yes life does suck. Sometimes it's icky, sticky and painful. Other times it's disappointing, confusing and horrific. We don't have control over what anyone else does, thinks or feels and because we can only control ourselves, that sometimes leads to unintended circumstances that can throw us off balance.

I tell you what though, thinking about life in that way has never done anyone any good, and it can be proven that thinking about life that way actually brings about even more negative conditions in your life. Though for some people, the only way out of that pattern, is to go even deeper into it. So deep that they are forced to realize that whether they give up or push forward, they are responsible for everything that happens and if they don't want to experience even worse pain, they are going to have to give up the game and accept that responsibility.

I don't like being the friend, family member or coach that has to sometimes say to the people she cares about, "Everything WILL get worse, IF YOU STAY IN THAT NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL PATTERN." That being said, I LOVE being the person who then gets to see my friends, family and clients transform out of their negative patterns and into the stronger, truer and more authentic human beings that I already knew they were, even before they ever believed it. =)

Coaches who don't listen....

I was browsing one of my favorite linkedin coaching groups the other day, and I found it highly interesting to see that many potential-clients and soon-to-be-coaches were asking all sorts of insightful and earnest questions, and even though their questions were clear as day - just about every coach who gave an answer, refused to answer the question directly. On one particular thread, a in a small country where coaching is scarce, a person asked how they might help themselves define the industry of life coaching in their own native lands. The person clearly stated that there were no accredited colleges, schools or teachers in their area, nor was their any need for a regulating agency. This person also had plenty of years of amateur experience, and really didn't have a big need for anything formal. What this person most directly wanted to know, was how they could get started as a life coach WITHOUT getting a formal education. Basically, this person wanted to know how to bootstrap it.

Would you believe it, but just about all the "coaches" who replied to this thread, made sure they all left the querrent with plenty of links to accredited online colleges that didn't not work with people in the querrents native country. Those that didn't commit the obvious fallacy of not reading the whole question, each left their email or other contact info, clearly ceasing the opportunity to hopefully gain an international client in need of setting herself up.

The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

This common question is one of my favorite philosophical ponderings. I really don't feel that the question can be fully answered, though throughout time our kind has managed to gather and in depth perspective that comes pretty close an answer. Though truthfully, I feel its the inability to truly define the answer that makes it such a great question - its value is not in the final answer itself, its in the evolution of the answer over time, by each philosopher who deems themselves courageous enough to add their own essence for the next philomath to consider...

And now its my turn, to leave my insight for you, the next philosopher, to stop and ponder. Will you leave my words as they are, quoting them to others... or will you add your own essence to mine before you leave?

Either way, here is what you really came to read - The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People.