An EPIC Opportunity! Join the Strategy Life Coaching Team!

I am building a team for Strategy Life Coaching, and I was wondering if you know of anyone who'd be interested in this EPIC opportunity?

We could use some eager entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, programmers, *social networkers*, marketers, web designers, fans, musicians, promoters, videographers, fundraisers, assistants, *fellow coaches* and anyone else who wants to jump on board! SLC is still in Stage 1, so we are looking for those of you who either want equity in the company, or whom don't mind delayed compensation or barter for services. Or we can work it another way if you have any ideas!

If you're interested, let me know here in the comments, through fbmail, or call me 206 486 4625 - SLC NEEDS YOU!

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Do You Have What it Takes to StartUp in Seattle?

Sure, we're an easy going bunch of liberals in Seattle, but that doesn't mean we can't throw a punch in the professional arena. In fact, the widely spread rumor that Seattle is care-free and easy going, leads so many would be entrepreneurs into the illusion that getting their startup going in Seattle will be a slice of pie. And honestly, it could be that easy, and often is for those adventurer's who get themselves a startup coach, though for the 92% that do not, Seattle's tides can be absolutely brutal.

And it's no wonder the waves are so fierce, when you look at all the entrepreneurial competition you'll need to watch out for around the sound. Every day, the big businesses of our metro area, lose motivated employee's to the lure of entrepreneurial adventure and the potential to achieve your passion. Just a few of those big companies are Microsoft, Nintendo, Amazon, Boeing and Starbucks - all who churn out individuals with a plethora of untapped talents and skills, that refuse to be silenced.

You might even be one of those people, so you will know exactly what I'm talking about, and you probably already recognize the significance of your situation. Any entrepreneur in this town, is up against a slew of competition from geeks, freaks, gurus, pro's and the radically innovative, at minimum.

No Need for BIG Corporations

You know, I was thinking out loud about something this evening, and it was such an inspiring thought, I wanted to share it with you.

What if we stopped creating super conglomorate corporations that take over and monopolize various industries?

What if instead, those of us who want to build epic businesses, build up our ventures to the point of being Medium sized businesses?

The idea behind those questions, is that if we were to take a more entrepreneuristic approach to business, is that if we refrained from creating huge corps, we would maintain a balanced and diverse economy. If each founder brought a business to the point of having a successful 3 to 5 locations or outlets or offices, and then that founder settled that business into a steady process with management and supervision, they would then be free to go back into the market and create a new business to do the same thing with.

Basically, what I'm suggesting, is that we should all become successful serial entrepreneurs. Not only does it carry the allure of plenty of variety, but it serves a worthy purpose in our beaten down economy. With businesses working on the quality of what they provide to people, and not the quantity PLUS a bunch of kick ass entrepreneurial leaders opening up new and radical businesses, then more JOBS and OPPORTUNITIES will be laid out before us.

It would be like a smorgus board of gourmet opportunities. It would be EPIC. Think About It.

NEW SLC SERVICE! - Epic Business Analysis - Unleash Your Power to Succeed!

Don't you think it's about time that you stopped "going with the flow" and started kicking ass and taking names? I think so too! Which is why SLC is releasing a brand new service, designed to help you get professionally fit.

Introducing - Epic Business Analysis - For a Low Investment of $2500

This Epic Analysis includes:
  • Company Culture Analysis - Examining and Finding Opportunities in your Company Culture
  • Community SWOT - The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in your local and expanded community.
  • Financial Analysis - Is your company Financially Fit?
  • Efficiency Analysis - If your business isn't Epically Efficient, we'll show you how to make it happen!!
  • Marketing Analysis - Hit the mark with your Marketing Plans
  • Opportunity Analysis - Challenging your future with Opportunities
  • Physical Design Analysis - Making sure your company has physical flow
 Over the course of a week (5-7 days), me and my team of professionals, will come into your business, observe, connect with and analysis you, your business, your team and just about anything that you do, sell or desire to achieve. Through this Epic Analysis, we will show you the way from where you are, exactly to where you want to be.

- Just check out the local competition for similar packages. You'll either find they are WAY over our $2500 investment, and the ones that cost less, don't even offer you HALF of what we're asking.

And don't forget to ask yourself, if I do NOT take this opportunity to invest in my own company, what will it COST me? And if you DO take advantage of this opportunity, what do you have the potential to GAIN?

Click that paypal button now, or give me a call at 206 486 GOAL (4625) for a FREE - No Obligation consultation. We're fighting for YOUR future.

Sliding Scale Rates are Available for New Customers - Give us a call - 206 486 4625