Dread - Have you ever thought about how it can hold you back?

Being up all night for tooth pain sucks, but as the man in the Hanged Man card reminds me, "no pain, no gain". With this pain I'm suffering with through my soft and broken teeth, I've come to recognize one of the biggest things that has ever held me back.


Maybe you can relate?

Have you ever felt like you were on the verge of a breakthrough or almost to the point of succeeding, and you KNEW that help or achievement was right in front of you, but you held back?

You let that quiet voice in your head whisper to you, "what if it doesn't work?"...."what if no one can help?"..."what if you'll be stuck forever?"...what if..what if...what if...

That's what dread does to us. It creates an environment conducive to our worst fears. And once we let that dread take over, we hesitate, procrastinate and often give up.

I am no stranger to dread, as much as I sometimes wish I were... and tonight as I finally started my first crowd sourcing fund raiser, I realized that I've got to knock dread out of my vocabularly...

The fund raising effort I started, wasn't to get my coaching business of the ground as I had hoped.. instead I found myself full of dread as I told my terrible teeth story and asked for compassion from anyone who could give it.

And I tell you what, I almost didn't finish that raise or post it. Not because I don't need the help, but because I really detest asking for that kind of help. I fought with the part of me that yelled "your such a wuss! There are people dying of hunger and you're asking for help with your teeth?!"...

I warred with the side of me that said, "what will my future clients think? When they find out where my worst fear of being rejected even more because of my teeth?"

I found with that cruel and doubtful side of me that said, "what if no one cares?"

But then, another side of me came and spoke above the rest without shouting. Its the side of me that is wisest, and the part of me that loves coaching. It simply stood out and said, "Remember, every failure gets you closer to success. Besides, if I don't try, how will I know what will happen?"

Its that side of me I'm following through the embarassment, pain and fears, and its that side of you that I would like to help you find too.

Send me a message or find me on live person and let's bring out the best in you too.

Postive Focus - Restoring Your Faith in Humanity

So often we over focus on what is wrong in the world, which leads us to miss out on what is RIGHT.

Take a look at this article I found on The Stranger's blog, I guarantee you'll be inspired


Former Neighbor - New Found Friend

I believe there are no coincidences in this world - and as of yet, I have failed to find any situations that were merely "coincidental". Now, part of that is because of my belief system, a part that works for me, and part of that is simply synchronicity. I leave myself open to all opportunities and I while out making myself available to the universe, I try not to waste the opportunities presented to me.

Yesterday was interesting in need, in the ways the universe shares it's abundance with me - or maybe the way I accept it? I'm not quite sure yet. Either way, I'm sure you remember a previous blog post a few days ago, where I was talking about my former neighbor, whom I had learned had moved away when no one noticed, broken up with the man who still was my neighbor, and she continued to come up to north Seattle from 45 minutes away, EVERY morning.

Now, there were several pieces of her story that I just did not understand, so if it was confusing for you to, at least we're in the same boat! So when she sent me a text, asking if I was going to be out for my now regular morning constitution and if she could join me, I was more than happy to accept. Not only did I want to know more of her story, but it's nice to have company when you're out on a walk.

Upgrade For The Valero

This morning I want to tell you another little story about an important person in my life. For anonimity purposes, we'll call her "Mrs. Smith", and she is a local gas station/convenience store owner. Mrs. Smith is an amazing person, and let me tell you why. She moved into my north Seattle neighborhood and took on an old dead Texaco store front that no one had wanted or cared about for more than 15 years. Though we in the neighborhood had been crying for some sort of gas station to come back to that spot, as the only other stations around were across Aurora or at least 5 miles away down to 155th. It may not seem far, but when you consider how many of us have to get our kids to school and then zoom off to work in the mornings, the convenience of saving 15 to 20 minutes make a GREAT difference.

So one day the old Texaco started to transform, and everyone took notice (especially the man who owns the 711 franchise on the same plot), and within less than a month - we had a brand new teal and white Valero convenience and gas station opening up. Now on this date, she's been there for over a year and although she's struggling, the gas station is doing very well - nearly eclipsing the popular 711 in everything but high schooler sales (I guess they prefer 711? lol).

In any case, against several odds, Mrs. Smith took on one of the greatest challenges a person can take on - opening a new and necessary business in a neighborhood still on the decline in population. You see, our quaint little neighborhood was hit big by the baby boom, but the echo boomers have pretty much fled, and the pre-boomer generation has most left this earth or moved to various care facilities - which only leaves behind the urban families and singles that took over their family homes (like myself) or moved here because of the small location near the big cities. And we have had plenty of new residents moving into the area, but with the fall of the baby boom, there just aren't enough people migrating into the area to keep up economic value that we once had.

Debt Collectors need Life Coaches

You know, I've always found debt collection agencies to be a very interesting form of work. Here are these agencies who are trying to make money by holding people responsible for their own poor spending choices.

The problem is, the people they are trying to collect from are either temporarily incapable of summoning up the resourcefulness to change their present circumstances so that they can pay off their debt - or they are just willfully igoring those debts to pursue other needs.
I know this because aside from formerly being one of those people, I also know that when we are resourceful and focused enough, we pay our bills, and there's no reason for debt collectors to call resourceful and responsible people, is there?

Still though, I absolutely love sitting back and examining how I used to look at the letters, how I used to listen to the endless voicemails and argue with collectors over phone, email and any other way they could annoy me. I love to think about it, because from my current point of view I can now recognize exactly where they are going wrong in their strategies.

You see, if there is one thing I learned in my time of debt, its that anyone can OUTLAST a debt collection agency. Hell, I watched one small bit of debt travel from company to company, sometimes those debts would even change from debts into credits as certain companies were found to be using unethical and unlawful methods of debt and data collection. Can you believe that? Several debts I used to have, were completely wiped from my slate, simply so those debt collection agencies could having to pay ME $20 to $40 bucks!

Of course, had I and the other thousands of people suddenly become responsible and ethical ourselves, those companies would still be in business and would not have ever had to think about any shady practices.

The truth is the truth on that one, no matter how you throw the dice. Another truth here that I feel is so valuable that it might just land several debt collection companies on the Fortune 500 list if they read this blog and take advantage of this opportunity I'm offering.

Transformations Can Go Either Way

You know, one of my favorite topics to chat about, are the people in our lives who are no longer in our lives. And I don't mean those people that pop in and out, I mean the people that literally DISAPPEAR from your REALITY. Have you ever stopped to think about the people who disappeared so completely from your life that all you can remember is the shirt that guy wore, or the strange way you met that interesting woman?

The only thing more interesting than thinking about the people that have been wiped from your reality, are the rare occasions when they come back into your reality from out of no where.

This morning was one of those days for me. I had spent all night last night studying up on my new Ultimate Edge Kit from the Anthony Robbins Institute and was putting my new knowledge into practice. Just as Tony suggested, the first thing I did this morning was change the way I got out of bed in the morning. This will be a great story for any of you whom think I've ever been trying to portray myself as perfect - because far from that, my life has just as many issues as the next person. The only difference between my life and those whom have yet to develop an Epic Strategy with me, is that in most I choose the Quality of my Challenges, instead of letting my challenges choose me.

The Vital Difference Between an Internal Dialogue and an Internal Monologue

 Here's some mind candy for you to suck on; have you ever stop and examined the little voice that travels around you in your head?  Better yet, have you taken the time to examine your relationship with the voice in your head?

My bet is that you probably have won a mild level, the liqueur the average person, it isn't likely that you spent more than an hour two in your entire lifetime, examining the conversation going on in your own head.  Now, personally, I don't blame you for ignoring that task, as it can sometimes seem very intimidating an overwhelming to try and understand yourself.  Though even though I can empathize with you, that doesn't mean that I'm going to encourage that you continue to hesitate this examination.

Especially if you plan on being anybody worth a snuff in this world.