I DARE YOU - To Make a Million Dollars

Seriously, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to make a million dollars for yourself.

And NO, I'm not just going to leave you hanging with that dare, while you try to figure out "how" to make a million. Everyone is trying to figure out how to make a million dollars, and clearly trying to figure out how really doesn't get anyone anywhere.

No, this challenge is specific, exact and easy - yet NO ONE has accomplished it yet. Which means that along with making $1,000,000 - you'll also set a world record (I'll even personally let the Guiness Book of World Records know when you've achieved this challenge!).

Wanna know what else you'll get? (as if all that money and fame weren't enough!)

You'll also get to meet AT LEAST 1 million people. I'd say you'll probably meet way more than that. Which means you'll make more connections then you've ever made, and I would bet at least half a million dollars that along your journey, you'll meet at least a dozen people who you'll connect with in that way, and you'll impact each other in indescribable ways. Maybe one of those people will be the angel investor you need for your start up. Maybe it will be your knight in shinning armor, or your perfect damsel in delight. It could be that person older man or woman who seems to take up half your day standing in front of their doorway, telling you a story that turns out to inspire you to completely change your life. You never know who you'll meet in this world - until you meet them.

So how's that for a build up? From this dare you get Fame, Fortune and Wisdom - all from one dare.

I must warn you though, before I hand you your strategy - that this is clearly no small feat, no matter how easy it may be. Should you accomplish what has yet to be accomplished, you're life will forever be changed - whether for bad or for good, that will be up to you when you get there.

So here it is, your strategy for making 1 Million Dollars:

5 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Life, Business and Relationships with Poise, Humor and a little bit of Drama

There are some strategies in life that work no matter what your issue, goal or motivation is. They are often the simplest, most obvious techniques - yet so many of us overlook them, undervalue them or take them for granted.

Well I'm here to encourage, no, Demand that you open yourself up and take advantage of some tips so simple that huge multi-national corporations like Disney have made billions of dollars from them, as have many of the worlds most successful people. You can use them in your personal life, intimate relationships, business, school and in your parenting style - they work no matter where you apply them.

Tip 1. Smile!

I know it may seem silly, but what most of my clients need most are "smiling lessons". As adults we often get so caught up in our minds that we over-focus on work, stress and responsibilities. Because of this, we tend to develop perma-frowns, where we are forever frowning or we have these apathetic expressions plastered on our faces. I had this problem myself (and still do sometimes!) and I will tell you that one of the single greatest tips I ever developed or brought into my coaching practice - was learning to smile.

And no, I'm not just talking about smiling when something is funny, or when you're happy or saying "cheese" to the camera. I'm talking about learning to smile most of the time - on the phone, when writing emails, when conversing with your clients, when you're working on a project and when you're by yourself. You see, smiling is a powerful thing, and even though it might not seem like much at first, within a short while you'll soon find that you are more attractive to everyone around, you'll become a magnet of abundance - on all personal and professional levels of your life. Truthfully though, the best way to find out if I'm right, is to try it out. In fact, I DARE YOU to prove to me that it doesn't work!

Tip 2. Meet People At Their Eye Level

There was recently a news story about how high level corporations and business were taking advantage of customer service coaching from Disney's consulting firm. Hospitals, restaurants, car dealerships and even airlines took advantage of Disney's wisdom, which in nearly all cases included learning how to meet people at their eye level.

This is another powerful tool, because when you meet people at their eye level, you automatically send the subliminal message to them that you are their equal. You are neither above nor below them, making you neither their superior or inferior - which quickly develops a unique rapport with them that you can't develop in any other way.

A great example of this is with children. All to often we adults find ourselves tower over the "little people" as we try to teach them self-discipline, life skills and try to help them avoid the mistakes we made. The only problem is, not only is it hard for a child to listen to someone so far above them, but it's hard for us to communicate with anyone we are literally looking down upon. So when you bring them up to sit eye level with you, or you get down onto their eye level, not only does that automatic rapport open up with them, but you'll naturally find yourself better able to listen, respond and effectively communicate with them.

This is a tip that I use consistently when helping my clients overcome parenting issues, dealing with problems in the workplace, developing strong professional relationships, providing superior customer service and in learning to negotiate. It's a small skill that goes far.

Tip 3. Colors Matter

Follow The Metaphors

This is the first in a series of hubs and blogs I've decided to cover. You see, metaphors are one of the most uniquely human aspects that we can attribute to ourselves, and they are often the very key to improving, healing and finding a path to success.

Not only that, but this is great information for any of you readers who are hoping to become a life or success coach yourself - the key is ALWAYS in the metaphors we use.

In this hub, I go into some detail about the Metaphor of "Crazy" - which is commonly confused with or the culprit cause of depression, mental instability or extreme anxiety. If you or someone you know has been trying to cope with feeling crazy, the first step you can take to help yourself or your friend/family member, is to understand the metaphor.

Business Advice From Disney?

Hospitals, Car Dealerships and Teachers are all turning around their client satisfaction and retention with some simple and at times silly advice from the Disneyland Institute consulting department. A Florida hospital took their tips to heart and hired a Uke player to bring up the fun atmosphere in their care facility, and taught their staff to be more present with adults and children who come into their hospital. The famous Chevrolet even received some lessons in flamboyance and showmanship (who would've thought Chevy would need those lessons? lol). Teachers all over the nation are taking advantage of the knowledge of Disney as well, and are making marked improvements in childhood education, simply by taking on such tips as "getting down to eye level with children" and thinking of work as "being on stage" a well known theatre metaphor. And it's not just teachers, car dealers and doctors who are taking advantage of this "new" education - Haggen-Daz, United Airlines, Subway, Hair Salons, Youth Centers and the NFL - have or are currently getting on board with the Disney train.

And why not? If it seems to be working for everyone else, then why not jump on the bandwagon?

The only problem, is that Disney being Disney and having no need to cater their services to any one particular type of business, has no reason to provide discounted or reasonable services to small businesses who could benefit from their consultations the most. Not only that, but Disney prefers high profile accounts, and because of that, their aim is to play with the big boys of the consulting world.

So what's my point?

My point is this - everyone should have access to the power that Disney has harnessed, and they should not have to pay through the nose to get it. The great thing about this POV, is that I already know all the tricks and tips that Disney could ever offer to a business and because I feel that YOU should have access to EVERY tool available - I can provide you with the same wisdom, cheerfulness and exuberance that Disney could ever provide.

So if you need a boost in your Marketing campaign, a new perspective for your Business or a jump in customer satisfaction - you don't have to pay the price of a high profile brand to get what you need - all you need is a Strategy.

You know what you need to do now

Staying On Top of Your SEO Game - Google Goes Penguin

If your business revolves around the use of online marketing, content creation or publication, then you'll be one of the first who will need to create a quick strategy that helps you quickly adapt to any changes made by the creators of the Google-Rhithms.

I mean seriously, I could sit here all day and explain the differences between Panda and Penguin, and what you can do to cope and adjust, but I would much rather help you design and implement a strategy that helps you succeed no matter what algorithm Google throws at you.

If you're thinking what I'm thinking, feel free to give me a ring

Mother's Day..... Are you ready?

May 13th is Mother's Day. That day of days when we are obliged to share in all the joy that is motherhood, but pampering and pleasuring the mother's in our lives (and ourselves if we are moms too!). Yet, year after year, I see so many husbands, daughters and sons who just aren't ready until the weekend in question has already come upon us.

And I have to say, that is just sad! It should be super easy to plan a wonderful day of mom loving activities and to get a few items that mom loves. For all the years she put up with your butt, one day a year should be nothing!

Still, with all the rest of your life not letting up, I can understand that we all need a little help. A leg up or a few tips. Thankfully, I've got just that for you - because as a professional Strategist, it's my job to make sure you've got EVERY aspect of your life handled, including how to praise your mother =)

So why no take mom out to one of these great Seattle Mother's Day Adventures

Or why not an Extraordinary Mother's Day Brunch aboard a Yatch?

Of course, an evening out at a Mother's Day Fashion Show isn't a bad idea either, especially if you're mom loves to be in the "fashion know".

If you're feeling more like Tea and something Educational, why not take a trip to the Ceder River Watershed for some saucy slideshows about where we get our fine Seattle water, while you enjoy some snacks and hot caffeinated beverages?

Although... I'd never be opposed to a professional massage.. and I'm confident the mothers in your life wouldn't either, so why not check out some of the Mother's Day Massage Deals like this one.

Regardless of what you decide to do, just make sure you spend some time with Mom this Mother's Day weekend, and let her know how much you really appreciate all she's done for you (like giving birth for starters!).