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You can often gain a valuable understanding of what your future relationship with a life or business coach will be like, by viewing their services menu. Just think about the times when you've gone to eat at a restaurant. The first thing you do is sit down to view their menu, which shows you the value you they have to offer. Often times, the menu can be held at a higher value than the atmosphere you're eating in or even the service which you are provided with. Looking at that menu can tell you just how that restaurant feels about the service they are providing you with. Do they have the right amount of options (not too many, but not too little)? Do they clearly explain what comes with each order? Do the prices match the value of the order? Do the pictures accurately match the actual image of the food you receive? A coaches service menu should be treated in much the same way. Take a glance at the Epic Services Menu provided below and you'll know just what I mean!

FREE Explosive Discovery Session
This is an exploratory session where you and I will sit down and discover exactly what drives you, fires you up and what holds you back. This is the first step towards achieving your dreams and is required for all first time Strategy Life Coaching clients.

What you'll learn:
  • How to recognize your passions
  • How to take back control of your life

What you walk away with:

What you'll gift to me:

Bold Bi-Weekly Life Coaching Package

Limitless Leadership Coaching

Have more questions? All inquiries may be sent to Strategylifecoaching@gmail.com