About Me

I'm no guru.

I don't have all the answers and I've not yet found any magic bullets.

What I do have, is an incredibly relentless desire to study and practice the sciences of achievement, abundance, and vibration amplification. I'm passionate about understanding every deep emotion driving human behaviors, and how to channel them into powerful tools designed to dissolve unnecessary obstacles.
I also have an insatiable love for listening and for sharing what I know with anyone who asks for it, so please do not hesitate to send me a quick message anytime. It brings me abundance joy to hear your stories, and answer your questions in my inbox every morning.


I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have about me.

And just in case you're worried I might not be able to help you grow, here's a SMALL list of some of the things I've overcome and achieved. I'm no stranger to failure or adversity, and I've learned the one thing that matters in 90% of all life transitions: Resilence.
  • Mother of 2.5 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Member of Toastmasters 
  • Ran for a local public office
  • Inspired/Co-Founded MOO CON 2012
  • Nano-Wri-Mo Winner; November 2012
  • Earned over 6 professional Certifications
  • Founded more than 10 small businesses
  • Survived and cured my own cervical cancer
  • Reconnected with my birth family after 26 yrs.  
  • Once saved the life of a man who was beaten and left in the roadway.
  • Written and self-published 7 eBooks & over 2,000 web articles (read more than 420,381 times)
  • Lost our home of 12 years, moved my family into my aging parents home to help them and save for the wonderful new forever home we now have.