The Inspiration of Youth

As if I were reading into the middle of a thrilling drama book, I found myself in contact with a group of young adults from the big apple itself - New York City, with big dreams and the passion to see that they come true.

The story of how I meet them and came to write this blog, isn't nearly as fascinating as the true epoch that these kids are getting ready to embark - even Homer would have some serious work to do to keep up with all the obstacles, challenges and battles that these four film school grads are up against.

You should really see it for yourself, as they have done a fantastic job of creating and promoting their crowdfunding ccampaign on indiegog, which I am very proud of them for doing well before they met me and my masterminding ways.

Now that they have met me, I fully intend on doing whatever I can to find a mutually beneficial way for you to help them journey across the globe and find their places in this world.

Check out the campaign here: Sanskrit the Documentary You won't be sorry you do it!