Enrich a Young Boy's Life

If you've ever felt the urge to give back to the world in a way that truly matters, now is the time to do it - check out the courageous campaign that has been put together to help change a young 9 year old Congo boys life forever. 

Badibanga Yusef was horribly injured in an accident when he was younger, that left him scarred for life and his playmate dead. Badibanga is now struggling to live as normal a life as he can without one arm and while carrying terrible scars on his face. Inside, Badibanga is an amazing 9 year old, like any other and he dreams more than anything of being "normal", something many of us take for granted.

Help him now, by contributing to his campaign like I have, so that he can get the last of his final surgeries that will empower him to take on life with a new passion.

Badibanga's Campaign: Learning to Smile