No Need for BIG Corporations

You know, I was thinking out loud about something this evening, and it was such an inspiring thought, I wanted to share it with you.

What if we stopped creating super conglomorate corporations that take over and monopolize various industries?

What if instead, those of us who want to build epic businesses, build up our ventures to the point of being Medium sized businesses?

The idea behind those questions, is that if we were to take a more entrepreneuristic approach to business, is that if we refrained from creating huge corps, we would maintain a balanced and diverse economy. If each founder brought a business to the point of having a successful 3 to 5 locations or outlets or offices, and then that founder settled that business into a steady process with management and supervision, they would then be free to go back into the market and create a new business to do the same thing with.

Basically, what I'm suggesting, is that we should all become successful serial entrepreneurs. Not only does it carry the allure of plenty of variety, but it serves a worthy purpose in our beaten down economy. With businesses working on the quality of what they provide to people, and not the quantity PLUS a bunch of kick ass entrepreneurial leaders opening up new and radical businesses, then more JOBS and OPPORTUNITIES will be laid out before us.

It would be like a smorgus board of gourmet opportunities. It would be EPIC. Think About It.