What's Your Emergency Strategy?

All too often, when we get excited about starting a business, we sit down and we plan out all the fine details, like how we will succeed or how we will have so much fun with their clients and customers.  We make strong goals and smart decisions, and planned for the fruitful games we intend to receive from our business, yet how many of us, on day one, sit down and write out an Emergency Strategy?
You know what I'm talking about.

I'm referring to those times when the rent is due and there hasn't been enough income to cover it.  That time when one of your kid receives an unexpected injury, or another family member gets ill, and you suddenly need to put all your funds into their health.  I'm talking about those moments when and if you're just a step away from the cliff of bankruptcy or eviction.  Basically, anytime you might be derailed by an unexpected event, qualifies as a business emergency.

Anytime something unexpected happens, the only way to ensure that you will be in control of the circumstances that play out after the unexpected events, is to have an emergency strategy or two or three.

Think about it.

What's the only thing that is worse than a big problem?  I'll tell you what's worse, having a big problem in being confused, unfocused or unprepared.

The first scenario, of merely having a big problem, it's something we cannot always control, at times its even inevitable.  Though what we can control, is what we do and how we act when we are faced with a large challenge.

So here's your chance to prove yourself, as I'm challenging you now, to comment here on this blog or to send me an e-mail at StrategyLifeCoaching@gmail.com or call me at 206 486 GOAL, and tell me what your emergency business strategy is.

What will you do if the economy sinks even lower than it currently is?  What will you do if the economy goes up in your and prepared for the greater demand?  What will you do if you cannot pay your rent one month?  What will you do if you are faced with an eviction notice, because your rent has been overdue on your business venue for some time?  Who is your support system in your family, social circle and community?  Who can you reach out to for assistance if you only need a little help, or when you need a significant amount of help, or when you need emergency help immediately?

How much money do you have put away, for unexpected events?  If you don't have any and all, then you need to start putting some way, even just 10¢ from every earn dollar or 50¢ a day, can make or break how you handle emergency situations, and at very least prove to financial institutions that you are no fool, even if you don't have a ton of resources.  What will you do if I loved one or close friend has a medical emergency that you are obliged to contribute to?  What happens if your own health becomes an immediate priority?

I dare you know, not to shrink away from this challenge.  If you already have an emergency strategy, send it to me and be proud that you are prepared.  If you don't yet have a strategy for business emergencies, you can either create one and send it to me to complete the challenge, or you can contact me for a free session and we will prepare your first business emergency strategy.

87% of small to medium sized businesses do not have an emergency strategy, be a part of the kick ass 13% and give yourself another resource to guarantee success!

Talk to you soon!

~Coach Amanda

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