What is Life Coaching?

When you hear the word coach, what image instantly goes through your mind? That’s right, Sports! A coach is someone who calls the shots. He lays out the plan, tells you exactly what to do, and barks at you until you get the result.

So when people typically hear the term, Life Coaching, for the first time. You can imagine a billion questions suddenly poking their minds. Life Coaching? How does that work? Is it similar to how they people are coached in sports teams? Wait, isn’t that like counselling or therapy?

Today we will shed light to what Life Coaching is really all about. If you have questions similar to what was previously mentioned, then you came to the right place.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching, simply put, is a method of helping people identify and achieve their personal goals.
You may think, “Okay. So it is similar to coaching then? As in, coaching in sports teams. He/she guides the team in achieving their goal. The coach strategizes the plan, tells you what you need to do, and barks at you till you get it done.” 

The straight answer is no. Life coaching works very differently from how sports teams are typically coached.

Life coaches work under the belief that the solutions come from you. At the end of the day, nobody else knows more about your life than you do. Life coaches are simply trained to have a thorough understanding of how the mind works. They help you direct your thoughts , gain a deeper understating of what drives you, and align these to achieve your goals.
This is very different from how a sports coach is expected to operate. The assumption is that they have the knowledge, and they have the solutions. And therefore the strategy, the goals, and the directives come from them.

Life Coaching… is that like counselling or therapy?

This is a very common question. Again, the straightforward answer is no. Counselors and Psychologists are trained to help people with specific mental conditions. This is a million miles away from what life coaching is.

A life coach’s focus is to simply help you identify and achieve your goals. Whether it be overcoming procrastination, gaining confidence, or just figuring out what you really want and being driven to do it.

How do you know if you can benefit from life coaching?

 Here are some tell-tale signals if life coaching maybe for you;
  • You feel there’s something in your life that needs to change, but you can’t pin-point exactly what it is.
  • You already have a goal in mind, but are overwhelmed about how you can get started.
  • You already know what to do. But somehow, you can’t seem to get yourself to take action.
  • You feel that you lack confidence in the decisions you make, or the actions that you take.

What can you expect from a life coaching session?

Here are four tidbits on what you can expect from a life coaching session:

#1 You will not be judged or criticized.

Individual respect and non-judgement are key principles that life coaches uphold. We all have different experiences, beliefs, and values. All of these make up who we are, and they are meant to be honored. Life coaches are engrained to have this conviction.

#2 Everything you discuss will be confidential.

Confidentiality is part of a life coach’s code of ethics. Everything you discuss will remain between you and your life coach. Apart from it being a strict policy, this level of respect is essential helping people you identify and achieve your..... Read More HERE