The Vital Difference Between an Internal Dialogue and an Internal Monologue

 Here's some mind candy for you to suck on; have you ever stop and examined the little voice that travels around you in your head?  Better yet, have you taken the time to examine your relationship with the voice in your head?

My bet is that you probably have won a mild level, the liqueur the average person, it isn't likely that you spent more than an hour two in your entire lifetime, examining the conversation going on in your own head.  Now, personally, I don't blame you for ignoring that task, as it can sometimes seem very intimidating an overwhelming to try and understand yourself.  Though even though I can empathize with you, that doesn't mean that I'm going to encourage that you continue to hesitate this examination.

Especially if you plan on being anybody worth a snuff in this world.

Because the truth is, the people around you that you feel are fulfilled and successful, didn't get there by accident.  Though it could've been coincidence, the reality is that even just the act of examining themselves aren't such a deep level, didn't just happen by chance.  People who are successful not only examine themselves physically, psychologically and emotionally, they also take the time to listen to themselves as much as they listen to others.

And this is where the difference between a monologue and a dialog hold significance.  You see, most of us wander around with some internal monologue constantly cycling through our conscious minds.  It's that little voice is says, "You need to do this!", and "You need to do that!" And "Oh no! You for not something, now the whole plan is ruined!"

That little voice has much more of a purpose than to be a monologue, and for most of us, when it runs on as some eternal monologue, a solo act in a multi-charactered play, it actually tends to work backwards in their worlds.  Instead of that little voice being our died of reason, and provider of inspiration and internal organization, it ends up becoming the dubious narrator of doubt.  It reminds you of what everybody is told you, about why you can't or what might get your way.  You see, that little voice is the voice of your ego, the part of you that says "I am".  It's the part of you that thinks, " this room is where I sleep, so it must be a part of me.", it's the part of you that tries to reconcile the right hemisphere of your world, or you are connected to the "all", and the left hemisphere, which connects you to the individual "you".  We are complex species, and YES, you are both connected to everything and not connected to everything, it's a paradox that is a part of the exciting art of enjoying the "human experience".

But skip to the point here though, about discovering in defining your relationship with your ego.  Which you first need to really understand, is that your ego loves being in charge.  It loves connecting to that individual you, standing out in cultivating significance and all areas of your life.  It's the part of you that wants everyone to like you, and once to please everyone, just because you enjoy it.  Your ego is just another loving protector and supporter of all the potential within you and around you.  To its job is to remind you that "fire" is "hot", "falling" can "hurt", "pain" should be "avoided" and "pleasure" should be increased at all "costs".

Now that may seem all well and good, however, which are loving ego often fails to recognize, is that greatness is born from the ashes of pressure.  Crystals are great example, as they would not exist without the constant consistent pressure of mountains and earth compressing them for centuries.  It works the same way with people, we may not enjoy the process of the pressure, though we certainly do enjoy the massive and long-term pleasure in freedom that all that pressure provided to us.  It's like the boy who grew up in a ghetto, with no resources and no support, and run himself up by the skin of his teeth, and created an empire.  We see this happen often throughout our various societies and cultures, and I can guarantee you that it wasn't simply by some chance of luch that people from resource deficient backgrounds, managed to defy every odd and prove everybody wrong.  No, there are very few coincidences and life, and if you take the time to examine life of anybody that you presume to be successful, you will see that it was not their intelligence nor their resources - it was the pressure that they continue to put on themselves, and that the world continue to pile on top of them, that gave them a source of motivation to succeed in the ways that they did.

Which are loving ego does not recognize, is that while pressure can sometimes be a painful process, the end result is ultimate pleasure.  Our ego is to start wired to see things that we in the beginning though, which is why most of our culture is so addicted to immediate gratification.  Why wait five years, for a peach tree to start fruiting, when you can just go down to any farmers' market and via peach from someone else?

I'll tell you why, because buying peaches from other people adds up over time, and if one of your goals is to have financial freedom, than even small conveniences such as singular peaches, can get you further from your purpose and goals, then simply taking the same amount of time it would've taken YouTube going get that peach, to say in your garden intend to your Peachtree.  It's all a matter of what your overall purposes, and what's in your bigger picture, and it has everything to do with how you communicate with that little voice in your head.

No for the most part, your average person goes throughout their day listening to this internal monologue, and remember a "monologue" is sort of like a "solo narration".  It is 1/5 of a team, playing all the parts, while you listen and occasionally interject an argument or two, before going back to listening.  Now, while your ego and inner voice certainly is your personal taskmaster, that doesn't mean that he or she is in charge.  Though the truth is, if you don't consciously from this moment forward, take the responsibility of turning your monologue into a "dialogue", then you're officially giving your ego permission to take the reins, because as we well know, even inaction brings results - they just usually aren't the result you're after.

And the key to getting the results you are after, is learning to understand how to communicate with your own conscious mind, as it is only one part of the whole that makes up "you".  Now I can get all metaphysical on you, though I will save that for the curious Who decide to ask me for more information, and just let you know that while it's easy to presume that the inner voice that runs in  your head is the "I am", that doesn't make it any more factual.  Presumptions are just stories we tell ourselves, because it's easier or because it provides an instant avoidance of what we perceive to be "pain" through self realization.  So if we toss that presumption and bullshit aside, what we're left with, is the possibility that there are two voices inside of you and not just one.  One of those voices you are very used to, it sounds like you and tells you that it is you, and tries to keep you on track and protect you all day, and parades around as if it is the "I am" part of you.  This voice is your "ego".  The second voice may be quieter, though I guarantee that you have used and heard it.  It is the part of you that jumps out and says, "Hey wait a minute...  That doesn't seem right, there's no reason for me to be afraid of that Caterpillar, I can squish it right now with my big toe alone.", it's also the part of you that dreams, and dares, and seeks to be a part of something greater than itself.  It's the part of you that still has not given up on your childhood ambitions, and the part of you that continually says, "If only we could find a way, it could be done."

And that second little voice is the one that I want you to start focusing on, it's the part of you that is strongest but often most neglected.  It's also the part of you that you need to cultivate and strengthen, so that you can truly have a two way dialogue going on inside of you.  And the reason you need to do that, is because until you understand how to fully communicate with every part of yourself, the challenge of getting your act together in keeping it together, was simply increase in difficulty until you fall back into the trap of giving up and assuming nothing will produce a result you're after.

Now the first thing you need to do, is to check out this list of symptoms, to find out if you are running an internal dialogue or monologue.  This will stand as the basis of the growth you will soon experience, through developing your internal dialogue in creating the success you really after.  Basically, it's the starting point to your next level of massive pleasure.