Dread - Have you ever thought about how it can hold you back?

Being up all night for tooth pain sucks, but as the man in the Hanged Man card reminds me, "no pain, no gain". With this pain I'm suffering with through my soft and broken teeth, I've come to recognize one of the biggest things that has ever held me back.


Maybe you can relate?

Have you ever felt like you were on the verge of a breakthrough or almost to the point of succeeding, and you KNEW that help or achievement was right in front of you, but you held back?

You let that quiet voice in your head whisper to you, "what if it doesn't work?"...."what if no one can help?"..."what if you'll be stuck forever?"...what if..what if...what if...

That's what dread does to us. It creates an environment conducive to our worst fears. And once we let that dread take over, we hesitate, procrastinate and often give up.

I am no stranger to dread, as much as I sometimes wish I were... and tonight as I finally started my first crowd sourcing fund raiser, I realized that I've got to knock dread out of my vocabularly...

The fund raising effort I started, wasn't to get my coaching business of the ground as I had hoped.. instead I found myself full of dread as I told my terrible teeth story and asked for compassion from anyone who could give it.

And I tell you what, I almost didn't finish that raise or post it. Not because I don't need the help, but because I really detest asking for that kind of help. I fought with the part of me that yelled "your such a wuss! There are people dying of hunger and you're asking for help with your teeth?!"...

I warred with the side of me that said, "what will my future clients think? When they find out where my worst fear of being rejected even more because of my teeth?"

I found with that cruel and doubtful side of me that said, "what if no one cares?"

But then, another side of me came and spoke above the rest without shouting. Its the side of me that is wisest, and the part of me that loves coaching. It simply stood out and said, "Remember, every failure gets you closer to success. Besides, if I don't try, how will I know what will happen?"

Its that side of me I'm following through the embarassment, pain and fears, and its that side of you that I would like to help you find too.

Send me a message or find me on live person and let's bring out the best in you too.