Debt Collectors need Life Coaches

You know, I've always found debt collection agencies to be a very interesting form of work. Here are these agencies who are trying to make money by holding people responsible for their own poor spending choices.

The problem is, the people they are trying to collect from are either temporarily incapable of summoning up the resourcefulness to change their present circumstances so that they can pay off their debt - or they are just willfully igoring those debts to pursue other needs.
I know this because aside from formerly being one of those people, I also know that when we are resourceful and focused enough, we pay our bills, and there's no reason for debt collectors to call resourceful and responsible people, is there?

Still though, I absolutely love sitting back and examining how I used to look at the letters, how I used to listen to the endless voicemails and argue with collectors over phone, email and any other way they could annoy me. I love to think about it, because from my current point of view I can now recognize exactly where they are going wrong in their strategies.

You see, if there is one thing I learned in my time of debt, its that anyone can OUTLAST a debt collection agency. Hell, I watched one small bit of debt travel from company to company, sometimes those debts would even change from debts into credits as certain companies were found to be using unethical and unlawful methods of debt and data collection. Can you believe that? Several debts I used to have, were completely wiped from my slate, simply so those debt collection agencies could having to pay ME $20 to $40 bucks!

Of course, had I and the other thousands of people suddenly become responsible and ethical ourselves, those companies would still be in business and would not have ever had to think about any shady practices.

The truth is the truth on that one, no matter how you throw the dice. Another truth here that I feel is so valuable that it might just land several debt collection companies on the Fortune 500 list if they read this blog and take advantage of this opportunity I'm offering.

Now let me explain, because here is the important part. We human beings are fickle creatures. Although we know that we should be responsible, we often should all over ourselves with LOTS of things we "should" do. And the truth is, it takes a really self aware and self loving person to accept responsibility for their own actions. It takes more than just  understanding that they have everything in them that it takes to overcome the tallest challenges and achieve the most monumental goals. It takes confidence, certainty and most of all SIGNIFICANCE.

Do you know what receiving a debt collection bill, email or call does to someone? It IMMEDIATELY drops their level of significance to ZERO, which dominos right into their confidence and leaves them only with the certainty that they are in DEBT. What is debt? In short, debt means PAIN. It means you're not responsible, you're not living below your means and you're not successful.
Tell me something... do you think that someone who feels unsuccessful, underconfident and not significant, makes them feel confident in their ability to sharpen their sense of resourcefulness enough to climb out of debt?

NO! Of course not. I used to see those bills and immediately feel depressed and rejected. I used to see the unidentified numbers on the caller id and ignore them for the dread that someone was going to ask me for money I didn't have, even though I knew it was my responsibility to pay them.
That is pretty much the same thing that goes through the minds of most debters. They feel PAIN when they see those bills. A pain that they will avoid at all costs.

And who can blame them when you think about how debt collection agencies and reps handle the situation? The only "hello" you get is "hello Mr./Mrs. Account number 229800A4, please pay your debt now OR ELSE."

Occasionally they'll throw in the old line, "if you call us now and pay all in cash, well chop off 10% of your debt!"

Sheesh, they act like a person should be skipping down the road to get $10 off of $100 they DON'T have or that they need to use to feed the kids and keep the heat on.

And its even more fun when you do what the "debt rehabilitators" tell you to do and call up the companies you owe or the agencies collecting for them and try figure out how you can find a way to afford them. Have you ever done that? I have, and I know countless others who have as well. I remember one time I called and asked to pay them $10 per week, which was more than I really had to spare, but I wanted to get out of debt, and I was willing to go the slow hard way if needed. The problem was, debt collection companies tell their clients that they won't accept anything less than $50 per month (if your lucky), even though in our state they are required by law to accept anything you can give. They train their reps to dig and nag and deny anything less than a certain amount from you, and guess what, since you have bad credit from your mountain of debt, they usually can't finance you. Running your own business? You're probably more screwed because you don't have verifiable income for those places that take you on even with bad credit.

The point I'm trying to make here is that dealing with debt collection companies is like playing poker with the Grim Reaper - you know he'll get you eventually, but until that hand flops, you'll do anything to avoid his touch.

So what can these agencies do that could make them millions of dollars and keep them in business well over a year (the average length of time that 87% of debt collection agencies stay in business)?
Its simple really, they just need to CHANGE FOCUS.

Right now, the debt collection agencies focus is on their true clients - the companies, businesses, facilities and institutions who have been screwed out of their deserved compensation by customers who in some way found themselves incapable of paying on time or in the moment.
This is a logical place to focus at first, though clearly its NOT WORKING. In fact, its working AGAINST the debt collection agencies.

Now if some smart CEO or creative entrepreneur were to change the system and alter the focus from collecting on debts from irresponsible people to helping people (who really want to be responsible) recognize that they are CAPABLE and RESOURCEFUL and SIGNIFICANT - that CEO or Entrepreneur or whomever, would find themselves instantly gratified with the ability to EMPOWER people, balance the debts and put some cash in their wallets as well.

So let's get down to the mettle of your meat - if you're serious about doing this, you can go about it in so many ways, though my suggestions for every debt collection agency is to hire a team of Life Coaches (not debt coaches!), who role is to help empower people so that they are able to summon their own resourcefulness to overcome their debt and then some.

Then start adding in a simple phrase into your letters, calls and emails that should simply say, "Its OKAY if you aren't able to pay right now." Then ask them to call, email or write to a specific rep who just wants to know where they are at in their financial lives and what sort of things are currently getting in the way of them summoning their ability to be resourceful and pay off their debts with your true clients.

As a third and final suggestion, create an offer for anyone who owes any debt to pay as little as $5 per week (20 per month) towards any debts. If they aren't able to pay even that, tell them that's OKAY! Don't kick them in the face and make them feel worse about the way they used to be (or maybe still are). Tell them you understand and that you're more than willing to wait for them to pay, checking in occassionally and you're even willing to offer FREE 30 day life coaching sessions in ANY are of their lives, so long as they promise to commit to their own success.

Now, I'm not going to try and convince anyone of how effective this method is or how much money it will bring in. As a Success Coach, I know the value and have no need to sell it to anyone.
That being said, ill leave it now up to you to change the world of debt for the better.
Just remember that if you ever need help, I'm here to help you find that Epic Success.