Mother's Day..... Are you ready?

May 13th is Mother's Day. That day of days when we are obliged to share in all the joy that is motherhood, but pampering and pleasuring the mother's in our lives (and ourselves if we are moms too!). Yet, year after year, I see so many husbands, daughters and sons who just aren't ready until the weekend in question has already come upon us.

And I have to say, that is just sad! It should be super easy to plan a wonderful day of mom loving activities and to get a few items that mom loves. For all the years she put up with your butt, one day a year should be nothing!

Still, with all the rest of your life not letting up, I can understand that we all need a little help. A leg up or a few tips. Thankfully, I've got just that for you - because as a professional Strategist, it's my job to make sure you've got EVERY aspect of your life handled, including how to praise your mother =)

So why no take mom out to one of these great Seattle Mother's Day Adventures

Or why not an Extraordinary Mother's Day Brunch aboard a Yatch?

Of course, an evening out at a Mother's Day Fashion Show isn't a bad idea either, especially if you're mom loves to be in the "fashion know".

If you're feeling more like Tea and something Educational, why not take a trip to the Ceder River Watershed for some saucy slideshows about where we get our fine Seattle water, while you enjoy some snacks and hot caffeinated beverages?

Although... I'd never be opposed to a professional massage.. and I'm confident the mothers in your life wouldn't either, so why not check out some of the Mother's Day Massage Deals like this one.

Regardless of what you decide to do, just make sure you spend some time with Mom this Mother's Day weekend, and let her know how much you really appreciate all she's done for you (like giving birth for starters!).