I DARE YOU - To Make a Million Dollars

Seriously, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to make a million dollars for yourself.

And NO, I'm not just going to leave you hanging with that dare, while you try to figure out "how" to make a million. Everyone is trying to figure out how to make a million dollars, and clearly trying to figure out how really doesn't get anyone anywhere.

No, this challenge is specific, exact and easy - yet NO ONE has accomplished it yet. Which means that along with making $1,000,000 - you'll also set a world record (I'll even personally let the Guiness Book of World Records know when you've achieved this challenge!).

Wanna know what else you'll get? (as if all that money and fame weren't enough!)

You'll also get to meet AT LEAST 1 million people. I'd say you'll probably meet way more than that. Which means you'll make more connections then you've ever made, and I would bet at least half a million dollars that along your journey, you'll meet at least a dozen people who you'll connect with in that way, and you'll impact each other in indescribable ways. Maybe one of those people will be the angel investor you need for your start up. Maybe it will be your knight in shinning armor, or your perfect damsel in delight. It could be that person older man or woman who seems to take up half your day standing in front of their doorway, telling you a story that turns out to inspire you to completely change your life. You never know who you'll meet in this world - until you meet them.

So how's that for a build up? From this dare you get Fame, Fortune and Wisdom - all from one dare.

I must warn you though, before I hand you your strategy - that this is clearly no small feat, no matter how easy it may be. Should you accomplish what has yet to be accomplished, you're life will forever be changed - whether for bad or for good, that will be up to you when you get there.

So here it is, your strategy for making 1 Million Dollars:

Step 1. Pick a house in your neighborhood

Step 2. Knock on their door, and when it opens, tell them that you are trying to set a world record and that you are going around asking everyone if they had just a single DOLLAR that they can give you. (let them know that you'll also accept ANY amount loose change).

Step 3. Repeat with all subsequent houses in your neighborhood

Step 4. Repeat with all subsequent houses in your community

Step 5. Repeat with all subsequent houses in your city

Step 6. Repeat with all subsequent homes in your district

Step 7. Repeat with all subsequent homes going in an outward procession until you achieve your $1 million dollars.

SERIOUSLY - this is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to make a million dollars, and truthfully, all it will cost you is time, a good listening ear and a lot of walking. Though none of those are bad for you and they all bring you a step further towards having a super successful life.

The only real skills you need to accomplish this dare are PERSISTENCE and DETERMINATION - that's it. And I tell you what, if you don't already have decent skills in persistence and determination, this is the PERFECT opportunity to GAIN those invaluable life skills that successful people have.

Now, here's the CATCH (you knew it was coming!)

The rules of Truth or Dare, as they were played in my school yard, is that if you refuse to complete a dare challenge - you MUST answer an extremely difficult Truth.

So if you decide that you are not going to complete this super easy dare.

If you are not going to make one million dollars the easy way...

If you are not going to take advantage of an opportunity that costs you next to NOTHING -

Then you MUST answer this question:

  • Why not?
SERIOUSLY - email me as soon as you decide NOT to take on this challenge. My email is StrategyLifeCoaching@Gmail.com. It only takes a second to click over to your email, though I do understand if it takes a minute to ADMIT why you have decided not to make a million dollars, so don't feel you have to rush. Though you do have to send me the answer for why you have decided not to make a million dollars, not to meet people who will change your life, not to become famous for something ANYONE can do but that NO ONE has done yet - email me and tell me why you haven't started on your path to success yet.

That is the price you are required to pay for not choosing success right now. Will you pay it?

Or - take the DARE...