Business Advice From Disney?

Hospitals, Car Dealerships and Teachers are all turning around their client satisfaction and retention with some simple and at times silly advice from the Disneyland Institute consulting department. A Florida hospital took their tips to heart and hired a Uke player to bring up the fun atmosphere in their care facility, and taught their staff to be more present with adults and children who come into their hospital. The famous Chevrolet even received some lessons in flamboyance and showmanship (who would've thought Chevy would need those lessons? lol). Teachers all over the nation are taking advantage of the knowledge of Disney as well, and are making marked improvements in childhood education, simply by taking on such tips as "getting down to eye level with children" and thinking of work as "being on stage" a well known theatre metaphor. And it's not just teachers, car dealers and doctors who are taking advantage of this "new" education - Haggen-Daz, United Airlines, Subway, Hair Salons, Youth Centers and the NFL - have or are currently getting on board with the Disney train.

And why not? If it seems to be working for everyone else, then why not jump on the bandwagon?

The only problem, is that Disney being Disney and having no need to cater their services to any one particular type of business, has no reason to provide discounted or reasonable services to small businesses who could benefit from their consultations the most. Not only that, but Disney prefers high profile accounts, and because of that, their aim is to play with the big boys of the consulting world.

So what's my point?

My point is this - everyone should have access to the power that Disney has harnessed, and they should not have to pay through the nose to get it. The great thing about this POV, is that I already know all the tricks and tips that Disney could ever offer to a business and because I feel that YOU should have access to EVERY tool available - I can provide you with the same wisdom, cheerfulness and exuberance that Disney could ever provide.

So if you need a boost in your Marketing campaign, a new perspective for your Business or a jump in customer satisfaction - you don't have to pay the price of a high profile brand to get what you need - all you need is a Strategy.

You know what you need to do now